with Margaret Pawlaczyk-Karlinski

Helping aromatherapists, beauty brand developers
and other professionals in the field
reach their full potential



Discover a rare combination of years of experience in the field of aromatherapy and complementary medicine coupled with stellar teaching techniques and a passionate desire to share.



For those who want help with anything from a whole new range of products to introducing Spa treatments for cancer patients or even a total business reinvention, securing a long-term consultant can provide invaluable advise, expertise and support.



Internationally respected as one of the UK’s leading clinical aromatherapists and teachers, Margaret loves to share her passion and enthusiasm for essential oils.

"I got all the answers I came for and so much more"

“Margaret was able to include information specific to our interests, without even knowing who would be attending the workshop. I am truly in awe of her expertise and teaching methods. I just wish I had found her sooner.”

"We couldn't have launched our business without you"

“We would both like to thank you again for all your help, knowledge, guidance, energy and inspiration. We couldn’t have even thought about launching a business without your help.”

"Always left amazed when being taught by Margaret"

“She is an amazing tutor and full of such amazing information. Simply addictive!”

Margaret Pawlaczyk-Karlinski


Margaret Pawlaczyk-Karlinski

MSc. (Hons.), Cert. Ed., M.I.F.A., NHS reg.

“I love my work as it’s all about helping and healing people. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing my students and clients spread their wings and achieve their dreams”

Beloved for her formidable expertise and steadfast attention to detail, Margaret believes in life-long learning and closely follows the latest scientific discoveries pertaining to all aspects of aromatherapy, natural cosmetic formulation, organic skincare, cancer care and nutrition. She teaches a variety of courses and workshops, all of which are frequently updated and refreshed. Margaret delivers and shares her knowledge with impressive flair and a twinkle in her eye

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