by Margaret Pawlaczyk-Karlinski

The £100 Question

Put your hand up in the air! Margaret is available to answer this one burning question that could help transform the understanding of your product or a particular ingredient. Some examples of previous questions Margaret has been asked are as follows:

    • Help, my candle aroma doesn’t ‘last’!
    • Every time I burn my candle my eyes sting – what’s gone wrong?
    • Is it possible to create a face oil with hyaluronic acid?
    • I want to make a preservative-free product, is it possible?

Please think carefully before your consultation – one question/topic does not lead to another. If you are worried that you have more than one question, perhaps a different service will better answer your needs.

Your Bathroom Shelf Eco-Edit

For those developing a new consciousness around your skincare regime. This is not about recommending products – Margaret is not a beauty editor – this service allows you to go through the products you use on day-to-day basis and ascertain their eco credentials, integrity and effectiveness in terms of ingredients.

Consider it akin to inviting an Eco Fairy Godmother into your inner sanctuary to advice and protect you – a wonderful gift either for yourself or a friend. Conducted via Zoom, vouchers available.

Up to 10 products – £150;  Up to 15 products – £180

Unique Formula Development

Please note Margaret only works with organically certified products and should you require a base formulation as well as aroma blend a discount can be discussed.

    • Base formulation for your skincare product – from £2000
      Create the safest and most eco-friendly blend of ingredients specific to your product intention
    • Aroma blend for your skincare product – from £2000
      Synergistically match a scent blend to the base of your product with the most effective and safest skincare outcome
    • Aroma blend for your candle – from £1200
      The focus of these blends is to ensure the best possible ‘scent throw’

Pre-production Admin (The Boring Bit!)

Any product being launched on the market requires its own dynamic record known as Product Information File; all businesses will need a GMP file – both are required by law and can be created by Margaret for you. It is also a legal requirement, that all products need to be tested and notified before they are released onto the market.

    • PIF (Product Information File) – £50/hr.
    • GMP file (Good Manufacturing Practice) – £50/hr.
    • Paperwork required to submit your product to testing – £50/hr.
    • Product notification – £50/hr.

The ‘On-Paper’ Formula Check

This service is only for artisan formulas aiming for Organic Certification such as ECOCERT ORGANIC.

Margaret offers a meticulous appraisal of choice of ingredients and their ratios, pinpointing anything unsafe or that needs to be taken out or added in.

– £400

Calculate My Allergens

An efficient appraisal of the allergen content of your formula with advise on what needs to be listed or can remain unlisted on your label (cosmetic or candle).

– £200

Check My Label, Please

Whether for a cosmetic or a candle, Margaret will ensure that the label for your products follows the correct protocols, leaves nothing important out and in no way exposes you to potential future difficulties with your customers.

– £150

IFRA Certification For Your Essential Oil Brand

IFRA stands for the International Fragrance Association and an IFRA certificate is a document which assures your customer that your product performs according to the terms of the IFRA Code of Practice. These terms assess the safety level of the aroma blend in your product, taking into account potential effects on both humans and the environment. (In light of Covid-19 the need for such certification is likely to resonate even more with your audience as a stamp of approval).

Margaret can fast track the whole process of obtaining this certificate, which will immediately establish your product as one to be trusted.

– £350

All services relating to your formula (be it the base, the aroma or the whole product) require a Non-Disclosure Agreement provided by the client.

Please note, every client has different product requirements and the length of formula development varies from project to project. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.