by Margaret Pawlaczyk-Karlinski



Discover a rare combination of years of experience in the field of aromatherapy and complementary medicine coupled with stellar teaching techniques and a passionate desire to share.

"I will never be able to thank you enough, Margaret"

“Just cannot help but reflect on the money and time I have spent on ‘similar’ courses which gave me nothing to grow from or build upon. I just cannot stop thinking my previous teachers should come and retrain with you”

"Another wonderful and eye-opening course from Margaret"

“I could listen to her all day every day. Professional, friendly and hugely informative. I will be back for more of her magic!”

"Fantastic weekend course, brilliantly taught by Margaret"

“I feel much more confident about moving into this new area. I just wish I had done my initial training with Margaret. My course provider should have come to learn from Margaret first!”

Why Learn with Margaret

All of Margaret’s courses and workshops are delivered to the highest standards. An inspirational and collaborative educator, she consistently motivates and focuses her students, and her modern learning approach is exciting, interactive and practical.

At every level her courses are well-designed, informative and always relevant. Better still her low student-to-teacher ratio ensures individual attention and feedback are guaranteed. Ultimately students are given everything they need to confidently practice professionally.

The IFA Diploma Courses

What is the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA)?

Established in 1985 primarily to protect public health and wellbeing, the IFA remains the first and oldest professional body to regulate qualified aromatherapists and essential oils practitioners world-wide. Robert Tisserand was one of the founding members (his book ‘Essential Oil Safety’ is a must read!) and over decades the IFA has remained an organization of integrity and professionalism, dedicated to raising awareness about the power of aromatherapy.

It was the IFA that pioneered Aromatherapy in the NHS, and its commitment to advancing the knowledge, expertise and practice of safe aromatherapy through research and education is globally respected. The IFA’s register of qualified aromatherapists and essential oil practitioners has been approved as an ‘Accredited Register’ by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA), a body accountable to Parliament. Ultimately, the IFA set the standards and guidelines by which practitioners are measured and recognised.

Why choose an IFA Diploma Course?

In line with their wider role in society, IFA courses are designed to educate, train and prepare learners to become world-class aromatherapists and essential oils practitioners. An IFA Diploma Course provides the most current, science-based and empirical information, innovative training and pertinent guidance which stems from evidence-based practice. It provides an exhaustive exploration – superseding most other available courses – culminating in a highly regarded examination process, the passing of which propels you straight into the top tier of clinical aromatherapists.

The IFA offers two different diploma courses – the Aromatherapy Diploma and the Professional Essential Oils Therapy Diploma (PEOT).

At the moment, Margaret Karlinski teaches only the PEOT course for which she offers two options – a full Diploma Course and a ‘Bridging’ Course. Please note – these courses can only be embarked upon by those who meet the relevant entry requirements.

Find out more about the IFA Professional Essential Oils Therapy (PEOT) Courses…

If you are interested in the IFA Aromatherapy Diploma, Margaret recommends Quantum Metta School of Massage…

CPD Courses for Therapists

CPD stands for ‘Continuous Professional Development’. From aromatherapists to osteopaths, all therapists not only need to continue to grow and learn but sometimes they are also required to do this by their membership organisations.

Margaret believes a good CPD course is a fantastic investment, not just an obligation. “Separating the wheat from the chaff is becoming more and more pertinent in the world of wellbeing. A CPD course has the potential to set you apart from the norm, strengthening your professional credibility, propelling your practice to another level and hence increasing your earning potential.”

These courses provide an opportunity to revisit and refresh topics which therapists may have learnt about years ago, bringing them up-to-speed with relevant developments, either directly in their field or in related areas. A CPD course will hone your skill set and provide you with up-to-date knowledge, broadening your experience whilst helping you to evolve and gain confidence as a practitioner. If this is the case, Margaret offers a variety of highly relevant and original CPD courses.

If you are interested in CPD courses and workshops, please Contact Us

Other Courses

Courses for All for enthusiasts

These short courses cover anything and everything, from home-made remedies to healthy eating advice. They are designed to help members of the general public follow their interests and learn – you do not have to be a therapist to participate. And, if you have a blossoming kitchen-table business which you would like to take to next level, Margaret is your woman.

Whether you are a candle maker who would like to learn more about blending essential oils safely and effectively, a professional looking to unwind through learning a new skill with potential, or a busy mum hoping to make sense of the mass of misleading information found online – Margaret’s courses will provide both clarity and direction.

Please see individual course descriptions for more details

Specialist Courses

From time to time, Margaret collaborates with guest tutors – carefully selected authorities who are brought in to share topics that pertain to their particular area of interest, usually something specific, unique or rarely explored. Watch this space!

‘Catch-up’ One to One Tutorials

Perhaps you are returning to work after having children or after a career break. Perhaps you feel the need to reinvigorate your passion, meet like-minded people in a stimulating environment or face new challenges. Or you’ve missed a session of your course, you feel a little out of your depth or, for whatever reason, you are falling behind – don’t panic! Margaret is available to help you bridge the gap, cover what you have missed, explain what you haven’t understood.

These tutorials are given in the spirit of generosity, conducted by Zoom or in person, and charged by an hourly rate £50/hr. (minimum one hour).