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Margaret Pawlaczyk-Karlinski is the founder of AromaEssence Education & Consultancy. She has personally developed and successfully taught close to a hundred courses and workshops., and is renowned for her passion for essential oils, her enthusiasm and her unwavering professional integrity.

"I take my client’s safety very, very seriously so I always try to learn from the best"

“I looked at a course from the Tisserand Institute, organised and taught by the man behind the best safety book on essential oils. But I realised as I went through the course that I already knew about 97% of what was taught, which just goes to show how comprehensive and in depth Margaret Karlinski’s course is. She is such a brilliant tutor and I could not recommend enough her aromatherapy diploma.”

"What you learn from Margaret is on a much deeper level"

“It is inspiring to be taught by someone who has such strong ethics about our world, our lives, and who also teaches us to think about essential oils, where they come from and at what price. Because of the way Margaret taught us, I will always try to remember mother earth and what she has given us and what she may suffer as a consequence of our choices. It’s a learning curve but what better person to learn from.”

AromaEssence Education & Consultancy

FOUNDER Margaret Pawlaczyk-Karlinski, MSc. (Hons.), Cert. Ed., M.I.F.A., NHS reg.

Internationally respected as one of the UK’s leading clinical aromatherapists and teachers, Margaret is renowned for her passion for essential oils, her enthusiasm and her unwavering professional integrity. Her commitment to helping therapists, beauty brand developers and other professionals in the field reach their full potential is one of her trademark qualities.

“I love my work as it’s all about helping and healing people. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing my students and clients spread their wings and achieve their dreams”.

A full member of The International Federation of Aromatherapists – the longest established international organisation for professional aromatherapists – Margaret served on the Educational Committee of the IFA council (as a Vice-Chair and Education Chair) and co-created the IFA’s curriculum programme.

Not just an NHS registered practitioner, she is also an inspirational and dedicated educator, with a Master’s degree in chemistry and teaching qualifications. Her particular areas of interest and research include the chemistry of essential and fixed oils, the future of Aromatherapy and organic skincare development.

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Beloved for her formidable expertise and steadfast attention to detail, Margaret believes in life-long learning and closely follows the latest scientific discoveries pertaining to all aspects of aromatherapy, natural cosmetic formulation, organic skincare, cancer care and nutrition. She teaches a variety of courses and workshops, all of which are frequently updated and refreshed. Margaret delivers and shares her knowledge with impressive flair and a twinkle in her eye (there is no ‘death by Power Point’!).

Margaret loves natural aromas, exotic spices and adventurous Asian cooking. Though she lives in Hillingdon some suspect her green fingers may have transported them to the tropics. She does indeed love to travel, both in person and through literature, ever exploring the scents, flowers, ingredients, art and history of other cultures.

Courses & Workshops

Margaret Pawlaczyk-Karlinski is the founder of AromaEssence Education & Consultancy. She has personally developed and successfully taught close to a hundred courses and workshops. Her IFA Accredited Professional Essential Oils Therapy courses are the closest to her heart and have become an essential qualification for Essential Oils Practitioners. Other courses of particular note are: Diploma in the Development of Organic Phyto-Skincare Cosmetics and Oncology Massage Practitioner Diploma.

Stemming from her extensive knowledge and varying passions, previous workshops have included: The Chemistry of Essential Oils, The Science of Fixed Oils, Aromatherapy and the Mind, Botanical Perfumery, The Study of the Skin, Aromatherapy Research, Essential Oils of Japan, The Secrets of Attars, Aromatherapy for Dermatological Conditions, and many others.

Writing & Speaking

Margaret lectures with a number of complementary medicine schools including the Quantum Metta School of Massage and the Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine. She is also available as a key speaker and has previously worked with the Universities of Bedfordshire and Cornwall. A keen writer, Margaret contributes to many professional publications, including books and regular articles for the IFA’s quarterly journal The Aromatherapy Times. You can find some of her articles here.

Travel & Retreats

Margaret co-creates a series of UK Green Events and Retreats exploring natural remedies and solutions to health issues. Whether you pick a one day workshop or a week long immersive retreat, all are carefully curated and take place in beautiful historical locations.

An intrepid traveller, Margaret also loves to hold educational Aromatherapy Study Tours to the likes of South East Asia.

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Consulting & Mentoring

Due to high demand, Margaret has been persuaded to mentor many aromatherapists – both newly qualified and those who qualified many years ago but who are now realising the importance of keeping their finger on the pulse.
She has also worked with many leading cosmetic companies as well as small independents (including Vedani Botanicals™, Bikeface®, Botanica Athletica, etc.). A powerhouse of knowledge, Margaret can assist in the development of eco-conscious and effective natural products, ingredients selection and bespoke blending as well as offering invaluable insider information based on over 30 years of experience. Several of her formulas have become award-winning natural beauty products for organic skincare producers.

Vessel Essential OilsBeyond mentoring and consulting, Margaret also collaborates with a wonderful, family-run distillery based in Greece. Committed to producing the very best organic essential oils and other plant extracts, this intimate father & son set up planted the first ever Helichrysum italicum fields near Thessaloniki the oil of which Margaret still maintains is the best she has ever come across! Sharing both her passion and expertise in botanical chemistry, Margaret has loved working and advising for Vessel, a distillery she much admirers and is proud to be associated with. Not only are their products superlative but so too is their commitment to quality, work ethic and sense of fun.

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